AISCAT – associate member
ANCE – associate member
ASSOIMPREDIA- associate and member of the Steering Committee
DIREXTRA Business School – Partner
FONDAZIONE EINAUDI – associate member


ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  OHSAS 18001 and ISO 39001, quality certifications applied as an operational worksite tool are constantly monitored to offer the customer a high quality service. A young, dynamic organization, supported by professionals for design and research activities, completes the Ecogest system, making it fully reliable in all work situations both in Italy and abroad.

Other certifications:

SOA categories OG3, OG13, OS10, OS12A, OS24,
Waste Management Authorization Category 1 class E
Waste Management Authorization Category 4 class E
Waste Management Authorization Category 8 class E
Waste Management Authorization Art. 212 par. 8 Leg. Dec. 03/04/06 no. 152 and subsequent amendments and integrations
Authorization to “purchase and use very toxic, toxic and harmful products”
Authorization for “own-account transport operations” for lorries in excess of 50 quintals
Transport authorization for hire or reward

Since 2013, Ecogest has been pursuing the protection of high standards achieved in the last years by entrusting financial statement audits to auditing companies.