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Naturalistic engineering works


  • construction of barriers, panels, and wattling with live materials such as wood, cuttings of shrubby and arboreal materials
  • creation of Reno mattresses and stone gabions with the combination of anti-erosion geomatics, including three-dimensional ones
  • cleaning and reshaping of ditches, watercourses and erosion control works with the application of geosynthetics combined with anti-erosion jute sheeting
  • mechanical pressure hydroseeding with simple and complex techniques
  • planting operations with bare root materials and strong taproot roots on embankments, trenches, and banks
  • nature trails and creations of firebreaks in the mountains


Hydrogeological instabilities and hydraulic adjustments are extremely complex matters that require the utmost attention during the design phase , through the involvement of different professionals who, in a multidisciplinary way, handle and analyze each individual case.

A widely disseminated and used discipline, using only the most effective, best-practice techniques, since the end of the 1980s, especially in Germany and Austria, it is widely used for the resolution of problems related to instabilities and for the correct planning and management of those areas subject to repeated erosive phenomena or surface and structural instability.