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Transport infrastructure maintenance


  • Performing manual and mechanized grass mowing
  • Pruning and felling
  • Environmental restoration interventions through plantations, hydro seeding and laying of biodegradable nets for the surface stabilization of the soil
  • Maintenance, restoration and replacement of irrigation systems
  • Service for emptying waste bins in service areas
  • Collection and landfill of road cleaners
  • Maintenance and restoration of guard rails and Jersey barriers
  • Maintenance of reinforced concrete elements for hydraulic platform control
  • Maintenance, restoration, and replacement of fence nets
  • Maintenance, restoration, and replacement of noise barriers
  • Maintenance of green areas in service areas along highways
  • Chemical weeding operations, phytosanitary treatment


This activity represents Ecogest’s core business .

Thousands of kilometers of asphalt traveled daily and monitored through a geolocation system permanently connected with the headquarters, which allows a real-time verification of the progress of the works by monitoring the use of the individual operating machines, consumption, and efficiency of any item of equipment.

A service transport network operating only at night which enables, within 10 hours of the call, us to attend any site, wherever it is located on the Italian national network and enables us to deploy operating machinery, through the use of lowered transport platforms over 13 meters long.

For the operations, Ecogest uses self-propelled operating machines , from remote-controlled machines to arms with cutting depths of up to 18 meters, detachable shredders, lawnmower machines, some of which have contextual suction, and equipment of different types and technical capacities for annual mowing of over 100,000,000 square meters of grass.

In addition to the maintenance of the greenery, our operations, as part of our global service regime, include the management of critical issues related to the maintenance of the hydraulic platform works, the maintenance of flumes, crazing, drainage ditches, and related works, as well as the restoration of guard rails, Jersey barriers, the cleaning of vertical signs, the emptying of waste bins in service areas and the collection of garbage on the highway, the construction of irrigation systems, all with suitable and certified equipment.

The centrality of operational management , with the logistical presence of peripheral offices equipped with warehouses, goods warehouses, and mobile workshops, completes an organizational panorama that covers 6,300 km of road and highway network in Italy, and international offices in Romania, France, Poland, and Turkey.