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Plantation and maintenance of greenery


  • Greenery plant and street furniture in urban areas
  • creation of green spaces in service and rest areas
  • creation of green areas inside shopping centers
  • construction of wooded strips along roads and highways
  • anti-glare barriers for central traffic reservations and planted dunes
  • turf laying in urban areas
  • mechanized grass mowing with shredding of plant residue on site
  • mechanised grass mowing with suction of plant residue and landfill disposal
  • pruning and felling of trees, even specimens up to 35 m. in height
  • pruning and mechanical trimming of hedges on highway crossings
  • Controlled milling, fertilisation and chemical weeding


Plantation works for green areas can be carried out in any infrastructure and urban area .

We consider the planting of greenery as a work that is not just ornamental, but also complementary to any infrastructure; as such we dedicate careful technical planning and design to it , which must not only take into account the soil and climatic and morphological factors, but also the humanizing aspects of the sites in which it operates.

Plantation of greenery is so designed, and then built, to take into account the maintenance factors connected to the plants themselves ; therefore the choice of materials and plants is made with extreme attention and meticulousness , in order to optimize the choices that will inevitably reflect on future maintenance costs.