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Climate change studies


The study of climate, and its changes, a determining factor for Ecogest.

The climatic changes in progress can multiply the uncertainty, and therefore the risks , both for daily operations and for long-term planning, compared to the maintenance logic of the transport infrastructure system.

The typical activities of Ecogest must be integrated into a complex reassessment of the management logic of environmental maintenance of infrastructure: it is, therefore, essential to pay the utmost attention to include the determining factors relating to climate and morphology as an integral part of the design of the entire infrastructure.

The climate issue is one of the most complex challenges of our time and does not only concern scientists and politicians but a large audience that, starting from the very young, today also includes many of the world’s opinion formers. For these historical reasons, as well as for many years, Ecogest has initiated and been running a department in-house to collect, process and develop the research and data that have emerged in the field of climate change.

Thanks to this scientific and innovative approach, the Company is able to offer today, within the overall framework of its services, scientific analysis based on the conditions and changes in the climate, making available to Clients (but also public bodies) innovative and undoubtedly effective expertise , which is increasingly important both for the protection and safety of maintenance, for workers, construction sites, and end-users, as well as for the protection, durability, and safety over time of the completed works.

In recent months, qualified Ecogest managers, external consultants, as well as Valerio Molinari in person, as the guardian of Ecogest’s long-standing know-how, have attended events and conferences as speakers, both in Italy and internationally, from Greece to Portugal and the United States, on these very issues, and in particular on the effects of climate change with respect to the logic of maintenance and planting of greenery along the roads.

This scientific support is now accessible to all due to the publication of the relevant technical datasheets on the website, guaranteeing, in a specific and dedicated way, to share this research work and thus contribute to the updating of Clients, partners, stakeholders, and the media .

Studi sui cambiamenti climatici, Ecogest
Studi sui cambiamenti climatici, Ecogest
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