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Artificial intelligence at the service of climate management: a necessity for the future

6 June 2023

Greenway Group ed Ecogest, L'intelligenza artificiale al servizio della gestione climatica una necessità per il futuro

In the age of digital innovation, the fight against climate change needs a new perspective. For years, our company Ecogest, in collaboration with Greenway Group, has been monitoring the effects of climate change on Italy and the Mediterranean region,

using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data and trends. Recent discoveries

are disturbing.

Studies by our partner Studiomapp, which specialises in analysing satellite images, show a reduction in flooded areas. This may sound positive, but it is rather a sign of increasing climate instability. At the same time, our Climate

Change Study Centre recorded an exponential increase in local extreme events: in the period 2018-2022, extreme events in the region increased dramatically compared to the last decade.

From tornadoes to extreme heat waves, from flooding to prolonged droughts, the effects of climate change are already causing significant damage. And unfortunately, the predictions are not optimistic: if we do not act now, such events are bound to recur with alarming frequency.

Using AI and new technologies to understand, predict and manage climate change is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Ecogest and Greenway Group are committed to developing innovative solutions to address these challenges, supporting reconstruction in a sustainable, resilient and respectful of our climate.


Our commitment is to provide the best resources and expertise to protect our future. Together we can turn challenges into opportunities, using AI as a tool to drive change towards a more secure and sustainable future.

AI is the key to more efficient and accurate climate change management. United,

we can make a difference.