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Derthona Basket – Ecogest bond strengthens: together for new initiatives and shared projects

2 December 2022

Ecogest Spa’s journey alongside the Leoni continues. For the past three years, the leading road and motorway environmental maintenance company has been part of the great Derthona Basket team.

The company, which has been active for more than fifty years and is a leader in Italy in the maintenance of road and motorway greenery, is also supporting the Club in 2022-2023, and until 2025, with a three-year agreement extending the previous one; in addition to the sponsorship contract, the

Collaboration between Ecogest and Derthona Basket also concerns the development and implementation of projects to protect the environment and raise awareness on ‘climate change’ issues that also involve local schools.


Various initiatives have been promoted in past years by Ecogest S.p.a. and Derthona Basket focusing on respect for the environment and greenery; this year the focus will be on climate change, its effects and the possibility of limiting those harmful to the planet, using behavioural models, but also infrastructure maintenance models, that are different than in the past. In this activity Ecogest and Derthona Basket will be joined by

Study Centre for Climate Change that Greenway Group srl, the holding company of the Molinari family, owner of Ecogest, launched three years ago, with important results, recognised nationally and internationally, on the study of these phenomena


“The collaboration relationship with Derthona Basket was never intended to be occasional,” declared Valerio Molinari, Ecogest Spa’s reference shareholder, and Michela Nanni, CEO of the Ravenna-based company. “We have chosen to accompany over time a project in which the Gavio group is at the forefront, and on which we feel particularly

committed. A project that speaks of merit, territory and fundamental values such as loyalty,

competition and hard sacrifice’.

‘Ecogest,’ comments Derthona Basket CEO Ferencz Bartocci, ‘represents one of those partners with whom we don’t stop at simple sponsorship, but deepen what are the real aspects of collaboration and the intent to promote authentic values of socialisation.